Month: December 2015

Summary of blog topics

These are the blog posts/tasks that were set in 1st term – please check that you have added all to your blog (looking over your blog will also be an excellent revision task ahead of the prelim!)

  • Explain an everyday behavior referring to two psychological approaches or a classic study from one approach (e.g. Pavlov’s dog).
  • Conformity – summarise normative influence and informational influence.
  • Obedience – explain how factors in obedience have affected you (see my example post)
  • Analyse the BBC prison study.
  • Observation method – evaluate it.
  • A post on any aspect of sleep (e.g. factors that affect sleep/insomnia).
  • An explanation of how you will apply memory techniques in your studies, referring to one background study (e.g. Kornell’s work on spacing & flashcards).
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the experimental method.
  • Explain 2 approaches to memory or to sleep (e.g. the psychoanalytic and biological approaches to sleep/dreams)
  • TASK – ensure that at least one of your previous blog posts includes an ethical evaluation with reference to BPS guidelines (e.g. ethically evaluate the BBC prison study or conformity research such as Jenness).

There was also an optional task on a cult of your choice, from your own research. If you do this, make sure you link your blog post to research into conformity and obedience and/or explain how people can avoid getting sucked into cults! We will also have some class time after the holidays to finalise and present info on cults.

Well done on all of the fascinating posts so far! Some really good work has gone into these, do comment on those of your classmates if you get a chance. If there are any posts that I have not commented on, please let me know.

Enjoy the holidays!