Month: January 2016

Factors Affecting Obedience


Obedience means changing behaviour because of a direct order from a legitimate authority figure. We are all affected by obedience, and often do not question what makes the individual giving the order the authority to make demands that we are to respond to. There are many factors which affect our level of obedience.


If there is someone in society who is perceived to be superior to us, we are more likely to obey them unquestioningly, for example a policeman or less officially, our parents. For example, in a classroom environment, if one of your classmates told you to be quiet you would be more likely to ignore the command than if the request came from a teacher, a person of more power and authority. This theory is further proved by the Bickman (1974) experiment in which people dressed in normal clothes, as a milkman or as a security guard asked passers…

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Assignments – to do

A reminder of the points I emailed round before the holidays. All of these things should be addressed before you gather any data. I am hoping that all groups will be close to this stage by now – aim to complete any remaining work by the start of next week:

  • Background – read up on the topic and develop your ideas, taking notes of sources. Draft your intro section.
  • Aim and hypothesis – we worked on this in class, check the ppt if you missed it or ask Mr Firth.
  • Materials ready (e.g. your experimental task/questionnaire)
  • Initial briefing & consent forms ready
  • Instructions – these should be written out so that they are standardised for all participants
  • Debrief written (to be read out/shown to participants at the end of the study)
  • Think through your procedure and in your group/pair, discuss practicalities e.g. how to test, how and when to test people and how long it will take.
  • Complete a first draft of your method section.

Remember that work on preparing materials/brief/instructions/debrief etc can be split among group members. It is important that data gathering is done ethically and carefully, so if in doubt, ask – there is no huge rush at this stage and we want to avoid mistakes!