Assignments – to do

A reminder of the points I emailed round before the holidays. All of these things should be addressed before you gather any data. I am hoping that all groups will be close to this stage by now – aim to complete any remaining work by the start of next week:

  • Background – read up on the topic and develop your ideas, taking notes of sources. Draft your intro section.
  • Aim and hypothesis – we worked on this in class, check the ppt if you missed it or ask Mr Firth.
  • Materials ready (e.g. your experimental task/questionnaire)
  • Initial briefing & consent forms ready
  • Instructions – these should be written out so that they are standardised for all participants
  • Debrief written (to be read out/shown to participants at the end of the study)
  • Think through your procedure and in your group/pair, discuss practicalities e.g. how to test, how and when to test people and how long it will take.
  • Complete a first draft of your method section.

Remember that work on preparing materials/brief/instructions/debrief etc can be split among group members. It is important that data gathering is done ethically and carefully, so if in doubt, ask – there is no huge rush at this stage and we want to avoid mistakes!


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